Legal Services for the Restivus!

October 13, 2014

Access to legal sercices is typically very expensive. No surprise.


In California, only a small group of folks can aford to retain (including availability) private legal representation.


Another small group of folks may be lucky to find pro-bono or low income based legal services, for a limited range of issues, usually involving governmental or administrative related issues. 


It seems to this particular lawyer, a large segment of people don't fit either of these groups. Not rich enough to pay a lawyer $350/hour, or poor enough to qualify for low income legal services.


The rest of us, I call it, or the Restivus! 


While I will probably not donate to The Human Fund for my clients, I like to think I provide high quality and valuable legal services for the rest of us.


My law degree, and skills and experience as a practicing lawyer in California for over 14 years, are of more value to you, than to me - believe me, I've looked into it. 


So if you can't afford to hire an attorney for $350/hour, but still wish you had access to legal services, or legal consultation about an issue, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to try and help, and at an affordable rate that is appropriate for you and your circumstance. Each matter truly is handled differently. I see no reason to apply blanket rules regarding attorney's fees to clients. Instead, perhaps attorney's fees should be a reflection of the client's particular circumstance and legal issue(s). 


In reality, behind the scenes, many law firms hire contract lawyers to perform legal services. They in turn, pay contract lawyers a smaller portion of the larger fee they charge their own clients. I figure, why not provide that model to clients directly, and how about lawyers not charge exorbitant fees, just because they work in a system that provides for such a possibility.  


The higher the fees, does not necessarily mean the higher the quality and care of legal services being provided. 


If I can be of assistance on a legal matter, please feel free to contact me. My website has information on my practice areas and experience, as well as a link to receive a discount on legal services. I consider myself a problem solver, skilled in dispute resolution, and helpful with analysis, strategy, big picture views, and development of issues of importance. If it is not a matter I have particular experience with, I will be happy to research issues where possible, or refer you to a more experienced attorney in that particular area, if possible. 


So Happy Festivus folks! There is legal services for the Restivus now available! 

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